Monday, August 29, 2016

Kids and Apologetics

"Did you hear about that guy that shot people and then they bombed him [in Dallas]? Why do people do these things? Can Jesus do anything about it?"

"How is Jesus God? But He's God Son? But He's God? What?"

"What does it mean to be saved? Like, how does it work?"

"How do I know I'm really saved? I know I'm doing okay now, but what if I really mess up someday and do something wrong? Will I go to hell?"

These are questions I have been asked by children under the age of 10. I will not seek to answer these questions now, but I pose them to challenge you to think more deeply about your children - whether your own family or your church family - and the curriculum and spiritual nourishment you are giving them. Our kids have questions. Are we giving them solid theologically sound answers?

I recently wrote a research paper about the importance of apologetics training for children and youth. I will be posting parts of this paper over the next number of weeks as well as interviews I conducted as part of my research. We will learn that teenagers are leaving their faith and what we can do about it, what is appropriate material for the varying age groups between children and youth, the role of parents and the church in the nurture of children and youth, and a case study of a church who is incorporating apologetics into their regular children's ministry programs.

Stay tuned!


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