Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Seminary and Ministry

As I write this I am four weeks into my ThM studies. I have learned the skill of observation n hermeneutics, a few  ton of Greek words and grammar, theological concepts, and things about God that simply put me in awe of the greatness of God. I have met godly seminary students who I hope to continue to get to know and befriend. I have begun to get used to this new home and city. I have learned that a Masters degree in theology is a million worlds apart from a Bachelors degree in math.

I began to realize in the past few days that though all of those things are wonderful and I am so grateful to be here, something is missing. Ministry. People besides seminary students. I am learning so much, but that does not keep me from beginning ministry and I strongly believe this is a must. I intend to begin through this blog by writing about my academic studies as well as what God is teaching me through the classes. While this will help me to reflect and further understand what I am learning, I hope it also will minister to you. I hope God will use this to help you learn more about Him through the reading as you vicariously attend seminary through me.

I am going to try to blog throughout the semester. Feel free to discuss with me about any topic of the faith you find here or otherwise (whether you agree or disagree). I love talking to people and I hope you are blessed.


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