Sunday, June 9, 2013

RZIM Summer Institute Day 1

Well friends, today was day one of the RZIM Summer Institute and it has been incredible. I have met some very neat people, including other striving to be vocational apologists, and even met a few famous apologists! Namely, the opening session today was given by Alister McGrath who introduced the theme, "Light in the Darkness."  I have been reading his book Mere Apologetics for some time. It has taken awhile with school and other commitments, but I am about half way through.

After the session, there was a meet and greet time.  I introduced myself, mentioned I am a summer intern, and had him sign my book. I was probably  rambled a little, but hey, it's not every day you meet a brilliant apologist. Oh wait, unless you are at Summer Institute! I don't mean to brag, I realize this is a unique and wonderful opportunity I have been blessed with and I am just very excited. I will blog daily (hopefully) with what I see and what I have learned. I hope that even though you are not here, this blog can be a connecting piece for you. Feel free to comment and ask me any questions. I might even be able to ask some questions for you if you would like!

Please pray God continues to speak to me and others in amazing and powerful ways. Though being here with some of the most brilliant apologists is incredible, the God we are here to worship is truly awesome in the most pure sense of the word. He is the giver of wisdom and life. He is the one we are all here for.

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  1. I am so thankful God has blessed you with this amazing opportunity! I'm always praying for you, girl! Oh, and you should text me a mailing address so I can send you mail! :)