Wednesday, June 12, 2013


What an action-packed day.  Unlike the previous days, I am not going to give a detailed map of the day. If you want one, contact me. I will send it to you when I am more awake.

Today I have sat under brilliant teachers, discussed some of the hardest issues of our day and how we can point to Jesus in them, and I finally heard Ravi Zacharias speak for the first time. I also had the honor of speaking to him and shaking his hand afterwards.  I realize that Dr. Zacharias is human as we all are, but you can sense the powerful and authoritative power of Jesus in this brilliant, yet humble, man when you meet him and hear him speak.

Our theme as been Light in the darkness. Every conversation you have about apologetics, or maybe every conversation in general, should point back to Jesus Christ.  It is about Him. It is not about winning an argument. It is not about showing off what you know. Point your friend, enemy, or whoever you are talking with to Christ. Know the Holy Spirit is the one who saves, but be the instrument God is leading you to be. Follow his lead and instruction. Always point to Him.

"The bad apologist addresses the question.  The good apologist addresses the questioner."
- Ravi Zacharias


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