Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RZIM SI Day 3 Part 2

This is a continuation of the post I published earlier today about my experience at RZIM Summer Institute.

After lunch, I went to the break out elective session led by Stuart McAllister entited "Conversational Apologetics: Practical Apologetics."  We talked about the different definitions and connotations of apologetics.  Negative connotations being defensiveness, which is necessary at time, while positive connotations being simply giving a reason for faith. He spelled out for us the ways in which to engage in apologetics and evangelism in conversations.

Afterwards, Lyle Dorsett took us on a journey with C.S. Lewis.  He describe Lewis' range of influence, how God used his life before conversion to reach people, and how humble Lewis was. Dorsett was a deep and riveting teacher.  He made Lewis' influence clear, but even more so showed how this influence was really only by God's guiding hand.  "C.S. Lewis' influence was wide because he was deep in the Lord," he said.

We closed the day with a showing of Amazing Grace which is the story of the abolition of slaves in England.  It is a powerful story of struggle, reliance on God, fellowship, perseverance, and victory for what is true and right.  It is a wonderful example and testimony on how to persevere under trial.

That wraps up day three!


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